Foam Free Future


Foam Free Future is a student led-project created by the students at Maui Huliau, concerned about the environmental impact single use plastics is having on their island. Check out their website to read more about expanded polystyrene and single use plastics. They offer a comprehensive outline of eco-friendly alternatives.

You will read about what inspired their project in the first place.

These amazing and caring students want to encourage business owners to become a Foam Free Business. Most consumers really do want to do the right thing. Shouldn’t businesses think like individuals too, and provide the best choice for their clientele and the planet? And don’t you think businesses should do it because they are run by humans and not because the government has made a policy to do so?

Visit their Eco-Friendly Alternatives page too.

How Plastic Bottles Are Recycled Into Polyester

What do you think about this? Makes us feel that recycling should be our last resort, so we try to avoid making purchasing products that require recycling.

When possible, we try to avoid buying new things and try our best to reuse what we have or buy previously used items or share with others in an attempt to reduce waste. It’s not easy, especially when we have formed habits around living a certain way. But just like exercising our bodies, changing our ways is a good exercise to practice đŸ™‚