Messenger Bag Raffle

The Messenger Bag raffle was an idea to get the kids at school more aware about the problem that plastic is having on our planet.

Taking material from an old school tunic and with the help of Laurie (the Design Goddess) at La Movida Design Studios (a local sewing lab in Vancouver), some old material transformed into a useful bag.

To raise awareness, you can do a raffle too! Find some old clothes, and material, and sew your messenger bag!

If there is a big event coming up at your school, office, or even a small party with your friends, this is always a good idea to raise money and awareness in your community!

Have each person write their name on piece of recycled paper as well as a statement about a way that they are currently helping the environment or changes they are planning to make to their everyday habits.

Some suggestions:

  • Have shorter showers
  • Putting food scraps in the green bin
  • Bringing ¬†reusable bags to the grocery store
  • Not using straws
  • Walking or biking to more places instead of driving
  • Saying NO to plastic water bottles
  • Use recycled paper or poopoopaper (real paper made from animal poo!)



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