Ways That You Can Help

At Home

  • turn lights off when you leave a room, even if you think you are going back, because sometimes you don’t and forget that the light has been on for hours!
  • conserve water by taking short showers
  • turn water off when brushing your teeth
  • try not to use so many paper towels, here’s an alternative
  • for your health avoid buying food packaged in plastic
  • grow your own edible garden, get help from local urban farmers

At School or Work


  • buy Canadian made products
  • buy locally grown produce, meet your farmer
  • bring your own shopping bag
  • bring your own produce bag
  • bring your own bulk food bag

On The Go

  • bring your own drink bottles for take-out beverages
  • don’t use plastic straws
  • use air dryers for hands in place of paper towels but if you do use paper towels here is a technique for using only one

At Restaurants



Together, Let's Change the World!

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