Free T-Shirt Bags

In the spring of 2014,  my mom had the idea to sew a fabric bag out of a t-shirt. She found instructions on how to make one, and she tried it out with a t-shirt she got from being an appraiser at a Destination Imagination tournament. It turned out really well and she was surprised at how many groceries the bag actually could support. She never expected the bag to actually work! And we use it all the time as part of the collection of reusable bags that she takes with her to the grocery store. We have gotten into the habit of always keeping lots of bags in the car so that we can make spontaneous stops without having to carry items out to the car in our arms.

The PLEDGE: “I promise to try to use reusable bags in place of single-use plastic. I will use fabric bags instead.”

We have over 100 t-shirt bags already made. I’m looking forward to giving them away and hope that if everyone does their part we can…

Help save the planet – one bag at a time!

UPDATE Dec. 5, 2014: Today 155 people signed The Pledge! We gave away 138 bags, which was all of the the bags we had! We now have a wait list for more bags and will give those away once more t-shirts get donated and bags made. The Messenger Bag Raffle happened today too and goes to a girl in grade 4!

 If you signed The Pledge and received a free t-shirt bag send us a photo of you using your bag and we’ll post it on our site!

My classmate Chloe and her mom helped by sewing 10 t-shirt bags! Thank YOU!!

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